Graffiti 6

Graffiti6 "Stone in my Heart" 

i was even more impressed to hear them perform the vocals acoustically
check out minute 1:56, you know i'm rockin' out...

plus anyone with that much vinyl is awesome in my book

via youtube


kind of ridiculous, but fun all the same...
Haus of Price Mega Bootie







Adriana Lima by Vincent Peters
Vogue Italia February 2011


Move Your Feet

 "Something Good Can Work" by Two Door Cinema Club
The Twelves Remix of this song is also fantastic.


Old Blue Eyes

hiro's eyes make me melt...

Photo by my good friend, anikation
via anikation.deviantart.com


Lofty Restraint

piles of books, sheets of photos, charmingly rusty furniture...all set in a loft with enough space to let each piece shine. 
this must be one of my favorite sneak peeks design*sponge has ever done.



All my life, I thought paper snowflakes were some fantastic exaggeration of the winter season. Call it cynicism after learning the truth about Santa... Yet the other day, I finally caught one on my glove and I was transfixed by the microscopic complexity. Now I want to take these pictures back to Florida and show all the kids these really do exist!!

photos by Yuji Obata

Style Inspiration: Lauren Ezersky

this woman taught me all i needed to know about fashion growing up. to see her pop up on Style Like U looking more fabulous than ever is quite a treat!

Thanks for the Love!

borrowing a photo from the always cheery katie, I'd like to send a big hug to the Blogger Team for featuring me on Friday as one of their Blogs of Note!

it's definitely motivation to get me posting on a more regular basis....thanks again guys :)