The Beauty of Dye

Doswell & McLean for Bloom Magazine


  1. Lobbyists are trying to get legislation to ban the use of dye in foods, because it is unhealthy (I forget the diseases it can cause). Beautiful, yes; healthy, no.

  2. Hi LadyLiza,

    I believe this piece was focusing on natural dyes (per trendland) which makes sense given the subject matter - blueberries, greens, saffron (not shown in these photos). While I agree that over-ingestion of artificial dyes can be harmful, consumption of natural dyes is unlikely to pose the same health risks. Thanks for the comment though! Certainly makes for an interesting discussion.


  3. Beautiful as always! I wish for the day when my blog becomes as amazing as yours! Keep up the good work

    -Girl 1

  4. This is an extremely striking series. I hope to see more posts like this. It really struck a chord.

    Btw, please check out this video. It's tips for the upcoming World Water Day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGxDAHkt4ok

  5. I'm glad you liked it, Jane. Hopefully there will be more like this to come...