Naranjas de Sevilla

I love the way marmalade refracts light.
And if you ever get a chance to go to Seville, their orange trees are a treat to see.
Caution trying to eat a fresh one though, they're really bitter!


  1. absolutely gorgeous, I'd love to have that marmalade on some toast right now ;)

  2. Wasn't that how marmalade was invented? Seville sent a load of oranges to England but the English, tasting the bitterness, had to make them into jam for them to be palatable. I think I read that somewhere.
    Marmalade is very beautiful in the light, especially packed in simple glass jars. :)

  3. Hi Aoife Troxel,

    I've heard that story as well. Marmalade is so old, I wouldn't be surprised if it was developed in multiple places around the world at the same time...Either way I'm glad someone came up with the recipe!


  4. I think I'm going to declare orange my favourite colour, I drink enough of it ! The glow from the picture is brilliant.